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Simple Single Single Point Rifle Sling

For several years DGG Taser and Tactical Supply and Psy-Ops have joined forces to create versatile and unique gear. Our Simple Single sling came from this union as did the OSIH med bag and other useful gear. Recently Bruce Buell, president of Psy-Ops started working with Kydex to create holsters.

According to Wikipedia, KYDEX is a line of thermoplasticacrylic-polyvinyl chloride alloy sheet grades. It is frequently used as an alternative to leather in the production of firearm holsters and sheaths for knives. KYDEX Thermoplastic Sheet is a registered trademark of KYDEX, LLC and is the only manufacturer of this material.

That’s a mouthful but basically means this stuff makes very high quality holsters. While the use of Kydex in holsters has been around for awhile, Psy-Ops.has taken it to the next level with superor design, quality and attention to detail.

The Psy-Ops holsters look very well made and fit into the “concealable” category of holsters. They fit snug and high on the waist. They are belt loop fed and upon my last conversation with Bruce, the belt loops can be inverted to give the holster about a 1 1/2″ up or down seating on the belt. Another feature I like about the items from Psy-Ops is they are generally 100% made in the USA. The holsters are made from a heat mold and then pressed together to form the shape of the gun the holster is made for. The two halves are then drilled, grommets added and the belt loops mounted with metal machine screws. Design features include a molded in sight channel, an almost flat back to allow for a more comfortable long term concealed carry.

Psy-Ops is currently expanding their Kydex manufacturing and will soon be producing new products incuding handcuff pouches, small handheld flashlight pouches and multi purpose combination gear.

Simple Single Single Point Rifle Sling

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