Simple Single Tactical Rifle Slings for Law Enforcement and Military

About Simple Single

Several years ago I was looking to purchase a good sturdy one point sling. As I looked at the choices available I thought "Why is it so expensive for some nylon webbing with a hook point?" Additionally I was not really blown away by what was on the market. I had seen a lot of slings, slings with 6 buckles, slings made just of parachute cord, slings attached to tactical vests. All were OK, but I just felt there had to be a more efficient way to produce a sling.

Enter Bruce Buell, Owner of Psy-Ops Fabrication; Bruce and I had recently met and had an energetic discussion about what I thought would make a good tactical rifle sling system. As it turned out, Bruce had designed a sling that was in use by a major law enforcement agency and understood what we were looking for.

After some serious development work, we came out with the original Simple Single sling about 3 years ago. It was a basic one point sling made out of 1.5" webbing. The wider webbing made a big difference in both comfort and usability, as did our 2 quick-detach points on the sling. The best part, the sling retailed for under $25.00, from that moment we were in the sling business. Since its release, we have sold hundreds of our original Simple Single I slings. Sales of our Simple Single C and our popular Simple Single Delta slings have been even more successful.

Since then we have produced the Simple Single III, a 3 point sling. And recently, we have developed our newest design, the Simple Single II, a 2 point sling. We have designed a special feature into the 2 point that is simple but very effective. Please check this feature out in the web site. Our philosophy has always been to keep it simple, functional and affordable.

Gary Meares
Co-founder of Simple Single Slings

All Simple Single Slings are 100% made in the USA.

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