Advanced Tactical Rifle Sling Systems for Law Enforcement and Military

The Simple Single II 2 Point Rifle Sling

Simple Single 2 Point Tactical Rifle Sling

The Simple Single II is a 2 Point Rifle Sling that keeps with the philosophy of KISS…KEEP IT SIMPLE. You use the sling mounts provided with your rifle, no expensive adapters needed. The sling is easily adjusted to fit the operator, secure and operator intuitive.

The Cruiser Ready ™ allows the rifle to keep the sling in a tight position when not in use; no excess sling tangling in other essential gear. Additionally we have tacked the running end of the sling so when you take up any slack in the sling, there is no “tail” dangling

Available Colors: Black or OD Green

Simple Single 2 Point Tactical Rifle Sling

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