Advanced Tactical Rifle Sling Systems for Law Enforcement and Military

The Simple Single Delta 1 Point Sling

Simple Single Delta Tactical Rifle Sling

This is the newest version of the Simple Single 1 Point Sling in the delta version. What we did was added a “triangle” in the middle of the sling so the body of the sling rests evenly against the shooters body. This makes for a more streamlined feel when slung into the weapon. Note that the one point sling and the delta sling are sold as “body” only. Once you purchase the body, then select the Add A point attachment of your choice.

The Delta version comes in 2 colors, black or OD. And 2 choices of weapon carry. “Weapon Left” or Weapon Right”. Choose Weapon Left if you want the weapon to sling to the left. (good for right handed shooters to sling the long gun away from your handgun during transition) Or Weapon Right to sling the weapon to the right.

Additionally the package contains the sling body with no attachment point. You may require an “Add a Point” or “Add a Point C” depending on what attachment style you need. Also some of you may already have an attachment from one of our previous slings .

Simple Single Delta Tactical Rifle Sling

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