Advanced Tactical Rifle Sling Systems for Law Enforcement and Military

Simple Single Battlesash

Forget the Active Shooter grab and go bag, tac-vest, satchel of mags or whatever arrangement you have for fast shooter response and grab the Battle Sash.

This is a full length strip of MOLLE ready for you to put your pouches on. (don’t have pouches? We do) Put 3 or 4 M4 pouches on it, add some hand gun magazine pouches and a small med kit and you are ready. You can add any attachment you like as it fits your need for any specific mission.

Leave the Battle Sash next to your long gun in the trunk. When you need to react, grab the Battle Sash, toss it on and everything you need is with you. Also great for adding gear when everything else is full. Sold without pouches.

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