Advanced Tactical Rifle Sling Systems for Law Enforcement and Military

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About SS Rifle Slings

About Simple Single

Our philosophy has always been to keep it simple, functional, durable and affordable.

Simple Single tactical rifle slings are made using true Military Specification webbing with superior quality buckles and hardware.

All our high quality tactical rifle slings are 100% made in the U.S.A. and “Barry Amendment Compliant”.

Designed and tested for superior performance on the following weapons:

  • AR-15 Assault Rifles
  • AP-4 Assault Rifles
  • M-16 Assault Rilfes
  • AK-47 Type Rifles
  • Tactical Shotguns
  • Sub Machine Guns

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Simple Single Rifle Slings
PsyOps Tactical manufactures the complete line of Simple Single Rifle slings as well as other tactical and firearm accessories.

Rifle Sling Features

Rifle Sling Features

The rugged and flexible Simple Single Rifle Sling System allows the Operator to purchase one sling body to meet their needs and then purchase the weapon interface option that works best with their coice of tactical rifle or shotgun.

The Original is a universal fit and works well for left handed or right handed Operators.

The Delta One Point Rilfe Sling is designed to lay a little flatter on the Operator. Our military and law enforcement customers have repeatedly commented that it is the most comfortable sling they have used.

The weapon interface Add-A-Point comes in the Original that works best with a loop mount on the weapon.

The Clip uses the MASH buckle for the greatest security and works best on ring mounts.

The Sling Swivel uses a heavy duty push button sling swivel.

The Stock Choker has found universally popular acceptance for use on conventional shotguns or conventional stocked AK type weapons as well as the AR15 and AP4 platfroms.


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"The rifle sling I wish I had when I was in the Marine Corps!"

"After trying the Delta sling I'll never buy anything else!"